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Keith W. Collins, DMD    Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Keith W. Collins is a general dentist with a passion for dentistry and patient advocacy.  This passion has extended beyond day-to-day practice to efforts including software design, web design, electronic patient record standards, creation of patient education materials, and political action at national, state and local levels. 


Dr. Collins has a special interest in the issue of "meth mouth", a dental condition related to methamphetamine abuse.  He was an early pioneer and innovator in the field of teledentistry. He was a co-founder and co-director of the 1995 West Coast Implant Maxi Course. He has written and lectured about computing in dentistry and develops software for creating and sharing electronic patient information. Dr. Collins maintains a private dental practice in Vancouver, Washington, USA, with a focus on implant surgery and restoration, full-mouth rehabilitation, and cosmetic care. Hobbies include jazz bass and sailing.


  • Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, Portland State University, 1974
  • Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD), Oregon Health Sciences University, 1978
  • 1995 West Coast AAID Implant MaxiCourse at OHSU (co-founder and co-director), comprising nine 3-day weekends for 53 subscribers
  • Hundreds of additional hours in study clubs, lectures, and hands-on education in general dentistry, prosthetics, endodontics, and  implant dentistry

Organizations and Affiliations

  • Collins Family and Implant Dentistry - Est. In Vancouver, WA, 1983
  • National Electronic Attachment, Inc. Est. 1996 - created software for digitized attachments for dental insurance claims, former President,  member of Board of Directors for 12 years.
  •, founder, est. 2007, to raise awareness about meth mouth and to help create solutions for the methamphetamine crisis from the perspective of dental health. 
  • DENTPAC - member, Board of Directors for the Washington State Dental Political Action Committee 2007-2012
  • Washington Dental Leadership Conference hosted by the American Dental Association, 2006-2010. 
  • Digital Infrastructure, Inc. - President - Est. 1994, to pioneer and innovate in the field of teledentistry
  • Pacific Dental Seminars, Inc. - Co-founder and Secretary, Est. 1995, created the 1995 West Coast AAID Implant MaxiCourse at OHSU
  • American Academy of Implant Dentistry - Member since 1985, former Chair of Internet Committee - received Presidential Citation in September, 1997.
  • International Congress of Oral Implantologists - member
  • Association of Telemedicine Service Providers, Charter Member
  • American Dental Association since 1978
  • Washington State Dental Association
  • Task Force for Dental Informatics, American Dental Association 1992-1997
  • Consortium for Clinical Information Systems, American Association of Dental Schools
  • Intel Advanced Network Certification for Video Conferencing and Network Systems

Lectures and Video Appearances

  • Meth Mouth story for Inside Edition, Former Methamphetamine Addict Gets Makeover, September, 2007.  Dr. Collins performed an extreme smile makeover for a woman graduating from Drug Court.  The feature ran six times with an estimated viewing audience of 6 million each time. 
  • Dr. Collins  covers causes, symptoms, and treatment of Meth Mouth in a Public Service Announcement created by the American Dental Association in October, 2006.     Click here to view on YouTube.  There have been over 98,000 views on YouTube, plus countless views of the feature included with programs for The Discovery Channel and others.
  • Meth Mouth, the Perfect Storm of Dental Disease  lectured as guest of Congressman Brian Baird for the first National Meth Awareness Day, November, 2006, repeated for additional audiences, including dentists, substance abuse professionals, and dental assistants
  • Diabetes and Oral Health - lecture and exhibit for the Diabetes Expo, Portland, OR, 2006, 2007, and 2008.
  • Implant Dentistry/HIV Risk for Dental Patients James River Corporation, Camas, WA
  • Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Techniques for Implant Dentistry Oregon Implant Research Seminar @ Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, OR
  • Electronic Data Interchange - Electronic Dental Insurance Claims, AEVECS (Automated Eligibility Verification and Electronic Claims Submission) Washington State Dental Association, Seattle WA
  • Videoconferencing in Dentistry American Association of Dental Schools (AADS), Annual Meeting, March 1995 for the Consortium for Clinical Information Systems @ University of Texas, San Antonio, TX
  • Intel ProShare Video Conferencing & REO Multimedia Systems - July, 1995 Medical College of Georgia. Represented Intel as a remote guest for 90 minutes via ProShare for an audience of fifty administrators, information officers, physicians, and dentists. after creating interest at MCG for Intel products. The university adopted ProShare as their video conferencing platform on campus (6000 computer users, with an expected buildout of 500 conferencing systems) and for their remote locations (204 proposed remote locations in Georgia).
  • Compute for Success - Charting, scheduling, internal marketing, electronic insurance claims, digital video, digital radiology October, 1995 Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, OR
  • Mentorship, Consultation, Referral, and Distance Learning - with Computers American Academy of Implant Dentistry National convention, Boston, MA
  • Mentorship, Consultation, Referral, and Distance Learning - with Computers International Congress of Oral Implantologists/Mexican Implant Association - February, 1996 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  • TeleDentistry Videoconference from dental clinic in Vancouver, WA to Medical College of Georgia - February, 1996 Case Presentations and collaboration with a panel of 8 specialists for 125 guests
  • Using PCs for Multimedia Documentation and Communication in Health Care Joint Meeting of the IEEE and ACM, Sequent Computers, Portland, OR.
  • Video Conference to a "Megatrends" lecture for Medical College of Georgia - June, 1996 participated as a remote lecturer to 300 guests in a hotel ballroom from dental operatory in Vancouver, WA
  • Compute for Success - September, 1996 Lane County Dental Research Group Eugene, OR
  • How Electronic Attachments in Managed Care can Save Administrative Overhead - The Dental Managed Care Congress, January, 1997, Santa Monica, CA
  • Compute for Success '98 - January, 1998 Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, OR
  • Compute for Success Unleashed - January, 1999, Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland OR

Original Software Titles

  • REO™ TeleDentistry System - Full-featured TeleDentistry and Video Capture System
  • REO™ EDI - the first cost effective solution to attach digitized radiographs, video snapshots, periodontal charts, and any other part of the dental electronic patient record, with annotations, for the electronic insurance claim process
  • DI-Bridge™ - a software utility to allow selected peripheral products, like digital x-ray systems and video capture systems, to work with practice management or billing systems

Original Publications

  • Guide to Recovering from Meth Mouth - 2006-2007
  • High Risk Caries Protocol - A checklist for a patient at high risk for decay to share with their dentist, 2007
  • Implementing Computer-Based Conferencing in Dentistry - a whitepaper, 1993
  • Domain Resource Book - a workbook for administration of networked computer systems, 1995

Contributor to the Following Publications

  • Meth: A Vancouver Dentist Assesses the Damage Done   The WSDA News, (the journal of the Washington State Dental Association) July, 2006
  • Meth Mouth on the Rise in Florida  - TFDA, (the journal of the Florida Dental Association), October, 2006
  • Videoconferencing with Computers - Dental Practice and Finance, October 1995
  • Integrating Implants in Private Practice - Dental Practice and Finance, April/May 1995
  • Implant Management: A Guide to Achieving Clinical and Financial Success - Dental Practice and Finance, March/April, 1996
  • Getting Connected: AAID Prepares to go On-Line - AAID News (American Academy of Implant Dentistry), January, 1997

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