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Does your Child need a Fluoride Supplement?

Everyone knows that fluoride is good for teeth, but many are confused by the way that fluoride is delivered in tooth paste, mouth rinses, dietary supplements, fluoride treatments, and the public water supply.

Many large studies have proven that children from fluoridated areas experience about 70% less decay during their lifetime than those without fluoride. The mechanism is not through stronger teeth in the sense of physical strength, like compression, tension, or shearing strength. Fluoride alters tooth enamel, making it more acid resistant, so acid created by bacteria in plaque is less able to dissolve parts of the tooth.

Topical fluoride is applied to the surface of the tooth, as with toothpaste, rinses, and the fluoride treatments we give at cleaning visits. This is important to boost the concentration of fluoride in the surface layers of enamel, but it is not a substitute for systemic fluoride, which works in a different manner.

Systemic fluoride is provided in some public water supplies, or as daily dietary supplements. Systemic fluoride is ingested, then present as a minute concentration in the blood, which is significant enough that new enamel is fluoride-rich as a new tooth is formed, long before it erupts through the gums. All of the teeth except the wisdom teeth are formed between birth and age 12, so systemic fluoride does not have great value for dental health for adults.

Fluoridation of public water supplies is one of the most cost effective public health measures ever. If you pay your water bill to the City of Vancouver, you have fluoridated water, and additional systemic fluoride is not necessary. If you pay your water bill to Clark County PUD, you should call us for a prescription for fluoride supplements for children up to age 12. If you only drink well water, you should have it analyzed by a water purveyor to see what the fluoride concentration is, and we can provide a prescription if needed to make up any deficiencies.

We write fluoride prescriptions for flavored, chewable tablets for children 3 to 12 years of age. Children under 3 usually do better with prescription fluoride drops. Daily doses are essential to maintain a steady concentration of fluoride in the blood stream as teeth develop.


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