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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

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Digital Color Matching

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Silver vs. Composite, Porcelain and Gold for fillings

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Implant Dentistry

What is a Dental Implant?

Dental Implant Placement is easier thank you might think

Dental Implants,

Affordable Mini-Implants

Implants to Anchor Dentures

Implants to Replace Teeth

Mini Implants

What if you have your Teeth Extracted?

Healing Dentures Placed After Extractions

Advances in 3D Implant Design

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Dental Emergencies, Toothache, Swelling, Broken Teeth, Injury

Occlusal Guards for clenching and grinding

Economics of Oral Health

Oral Surgery

Sensitive Teeth, Sensitive Fillings

Acid in Food and Beverages Can Harm Your Teeth

How Often Do I Need a Cleaning?

Gum Disease & Heart Disease

Occlusal Guards for Clenching & Grinding

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You see what we see with
Interactive Diagnosis

More people than ever are very interested in achieving optimum health. High tech video scopes help our patients recognize dental conditions and make better decisions. Electronic patient records capture more diagnostic details and make it easier to share them with our patients.

Video Scopes show the "Big Picture" Interactive DX2.gif (13027 bytes)

I remember going to a dentist as a child, hoping he wouldn’t find anything as he picked through my teeth talking jargon to his assistant. He said I had cavities now and then, but I never saw one, and most of what the dentist did was somewhat mysterious to me. Part of my personal mission is to offer a pleasant, enlightened dental experience in a personal way. Video scopes can be used with x-rays and in the mouth to demonstrate nearly any dental condition easily.

Dentists often use magnifying glasses and special lighting to study x-rays. Now we use a powerful video camera with a magnifying lens to display x-rays on video monitors during your exam. You can actually see the grains of the emulsion on the surface of the x-ray! Changing the amount of magnification and light admitted through the iris helps to clarify subtle details. Features of interest include existing dental restorations, decay or gum disease, and anatomy of the teeth and jaws. Patients are often interested to see how deep an area of decay is, and exactly where it is so effort to brush and floss can be focused where it is needed most.

We also have a video scope that is used inside the mouth with an infection control baggie to explore teeth, gums, and other oral features. This is useful for displaying broken teeth, focal areas of gum disease, corroded or worn edges of fillings, and many other conditions. I wish my childhood dentist could have shown me the funny bumps on the back of my upper canines that I sometimes worried about - the bumps were normal anatomy, and I was sure something was wrong!

We use computers to build electronic patient records, complete with tooth charts, pictures from our video scope, digital x-rays, and more. We print treatment plans that include diagnostic details related to each procedure in the plan.


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Portrait of Keith W. Collins, DMD

Keith Collins,  DMD

Dr. Collins graduated from Oregon Health Sciences University in 1978.  In addition to caring for patients in private practice, he has enjoyed lecturing and contributing to dental journals.  In 1995 he co-directed the AAID Implant Maxi-Course at OHSU. 


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The information provided on this site is to help educate patients, and is not intended as a guide for self-diagnosis or treatment.  Please rely on your dentist for diagnosis and treatment of oral conditions.


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